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Meet the team

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Meet the amazing people that are part of our team.

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Our Values

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Work shouldn’t feel like a grind. We take pleasure in what we do at PIRATEx. Creating incredible and authentic experiences is what we love to do.
Our biggest asset is our team. Every single PIRATE co-shapes our unique company culture and thereby creates a place they want to work in. This is what our founders wanted from the moment they established PIRATEx.

What we stand for


PIRATEx stands for entrepreneurship, authenticity, and ARRRsome events. This is where we have our roots: startup and tech conferences.

Where we are today


The way we host events has changed. But the way we create experiences did not: authentic, ARRRsome, and unforgettable.

It’s more fun to be a Pirate
than to join the navy

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Being a PIRATE is a way of living. Many pioneers were pirates at heart and that’s what we embody here. Being a part of PIRATEx goes beyond being an employee. Here are a few things you can expect if becoming one:

We don’t care where you are… We don’t care where you are…

But rather what you do! We don’t measure the time you put in, but the value you generate.

For you and for others. That’s why you will always have the possibility to work from wherever you are, whenever you want.

We’re not looking for new colleagues We’re not looking for new colleagues

But rather for new mates. The culture at PIRATEx is characterized by the familiar atmosphere, strong ownership spirit, and agile dynamics.

A delicate balance between fun and professionalism.

PIRATEx University PIRATEx University

We live by the motto “Give, give, give, ask” and therefore love sharing knowledge. The PIRATEx University is a recurring format where PIRATES teach other PIRATEs. No matter what it is.

Do you burn for NoCode tools? Then share this love. Your hobby is public speaking? Teach others!

People Accelerator People Accelerator

It’s not about just having a job and getting things done. PIRATEx supports you in laying a foundation for a path you want to follow.

We will always support the undertakings for the personal and professional development of our crew members.

Trust-based vacation policy Trust-based vacation policy

Trust is amongst our most valuable virtues. That’s why we also don’t count any of your vacation days.

As long as we know that you’re getting things done. This is just as much a responsibility as it is a goodie. So embrace it.

To err is human, to ARRR is PIRATEx To err is human, to ARRR is PIRATEx

Sh*t happens. And that’s alright. We expect it to happen. But at PIRATEx we don’t look for who’s to blame but rather for how to improve next time. We endorse a trial and error culture.