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Event Strategy Workshop

Develop the foundation for your 2022 event strategy.

Event Strategy Workshop

Regardless of the venue — physical, online or hybrid — events remain one of the most significant elements of effective communication. In the digital age, they become even more important as the central component that turns your communications into lasting connections. An effective event strategy is not created by accident. It’s a result of careful planning and understanding your communication objectives.

And this is exactly where we would like to start with you:

  • What are your goals for 2022?
  • Which target groups do you want to reach?
  • What is the “story you want to tell”?

Now it’s time to develop the foundation for your 2022 event strategy.

In the PIRATEx event strategy workshop, we accompany your teams to outline an action plan specifically tailored for your specific needs. This 90-minute workshop focuses on developing the key building blocks and explores effective formats you can use to reach your unique target groups. We bring together our experience of producing, developing and delivering over 200 live events for corporate, nonprofit and government clients to find an event strategy perfectly suited for your organization.

Here’s how it works:

  • You brief us in a short preliminary conversation about the current situation and your goal.

  • We create an agenda and coordinate it with you.

  • We develop ideas together in a (digital) 90-minute workshop and log them.

  • We summarize the ideas for you in a “vision paper”. This gives you an excellent basis to begin developing your first concepts on your own, or with an outside agency.


We look forward to starting with you!

The price for this workshop is 950,- Euro plus VAT.

Example of your agenda for event strategy development:

Here is what your vision paper could look like:

1. Introduction

  • Introduction PIRATEx / Partner
  • Intro to digital & hybrid event concepts

2. Objective and target group

  • Identify your target corridor and fields of action
  • Content: storytelling, product presentation, knowledge transfer
  • Identifying your target group and designing attendee personas

3. Event landscape & formats

  • Event formats and their characteristics: webinars, congresses, festivals
  • Formats for knowledge transfer and knowledge exchange
  • Combining the building blocks into your event strategy
Event Strategy Workshop

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Event Strategy Workshop

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