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Your company’s very own in-house streaming studio


Looking to present the best image to your prospective clients? The quality requirements for webinars and video conferences have increased significantly. Your customers expect more and more professionalism for events, important announcements and presentations.

As more and more live communication moves towards a digital format, an in-house streaming studio can be a good quality investment for companies of all sizes, allowing you to equip your company for future-oriented and digital communication.

Whether for webinars, product presentations or internal company events – numerous companies are already setting up professional streaming studios optimized for their own needs. This starts with professional lighting, excellent sound quality and additional camera perspectives and extends to LED walls and green screen technology. However, putting together the right equipment for your needs is not always straightforward. That’s why you can trust PIRATEx to help find the right solution for your needs.

 As an agency for online and hybrid events, we can develop streaming studio setups for use cases and budgets of different sizes. We advise clients from various industries on how to get the most from their digital studio, providing practical support on implementation, equipment and operation – until your team can use your studio independently.

What we offer:

Consulting, requirements analysis and definition within your budget

Planning and design of the studio equipment in your space (3D visualization)

Central procurement of the technical components by us or by your purchasing department

Installation and setup of studio components (cameras, lighting, sound equipment, backwalls, furniture)

Training of your company’s employees to use the equipment independently

If needed: Technical Support for your online meetings, webinars and video conferences (either locally or remote)

Streaming Studio

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Streaming Studio

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