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Add-ons for international trade fairs and exhibitions

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Trade fairs are important milestones in any business planning for the year. They are important marketplaces that gather your target groups and entire industry. But there is one way to get even more out of your trade show presence: adding digital and hybrid add-ons.

Trade fairs are full of opportunities

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PIRATEx has been cooperating with various trade shows organizers for many years. We know the needs of exhibitors, trade congress speakers and trade fair visitors as well as the strategic objectives of trade fair operators. 

A trade fair is a powerful brand for its industry and its target groups. By offering creative ideas that will increase your reach and relevance, our team supports you in expanding your trade shows’ impact and help set it apart from others. 

Are you a trade fair organiser yourself or an exhibitor at trade fairs?

In both cases, it’s about getting noticed and standing out from the crowd, because the trade fair landscape is fast-moving, loud and incredibly dynamic. We believe that trade shows should be even more than mere show and exhibition spaces.

→ As a trade fair organiser, we support you in developping your trade fair in a brand that is relevant all year round.

→ As an exhibitor, we help you reach your target groups with your story.

Enhance your trade fair concept

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Our mission is to make your trade show relevant for the whole year. We offer different modules and extensions that will help achieve this.

New Event Concepts and Satellite Events

Whether digital, hybrid or on-site. We expand the range of programmes within the framework of your trade fair. From preview days for trade target groups and the press, theme days on current challenges, BarCamps for interaction or recruiting events to combat the shortage of skilled workers – the possibilities are endless.

Digital Components for More Reach

By livestreaming selected programme content from your trade fair, we increase the relevance of the content for target groups worldwide. The recording can later be accessed “on demand” via your content library.

Hybrid Trade Fair TV

Integrating an open and professional production studio offers an extended programme range on-site, providing your exhibitors with an additional presence space. Mobile camera teams bring a new dimension to the trade fair experience and entire exhibitor tours.

Digital Platform for an Enhanced Trade Fair Experience

Matchmaking for visitors and exhibitors, interactive hall plans, customizable programme plans and profiles help all participants reach their destination more quickly.

Community Building for Stronger Customer Loyalty

Networking on a new level all year round. Creating touchpoints during the year through (digital) regulars’ tables and local side events strengthens the bond and interaction with your trade fair community.

Combining year-round digital, hybrid and personal elements makes your show accessible to a global audience and allows you to create additional value for your exhibitors and participants.

Solutions for exhibitors

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Are you ready to make a lasting impact at trade shows? Our trade shows services are here to redefine your trade fair experience. Whether it’s a digital, hybrid, or in-person event, we’ve got you covered.

Concept Development

Visibility, lead generation or the promotion of new products? Together we develop ways to achieve your goals in the context of the fair.

Livestreaming from Your Booth

Present your products to an international audience – beyond the exhibition halls.

Platform Management & Design of Digital Booths

We design your digital presence, which generates additional reach beyond your on-site booth.

Video Production

Visual storytelling through moving images. Let’s produce videos together that highlight your brand in the context of the fair.

As you can see, the more diverse and multifaceted your trade fair presentation is, the greater your success will be.

Let’s get started

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If you’re ready to captivate your audience, create connections, and make your mark, get in touch with us. Unleash the potential of your trade fair presence with our unique and professional services.

Let’s talk about your next project

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Do you need support producing your next event? Or would simply like to discuss an idea with us? We’d love to hear from you!

Fred PIRATEx Team

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