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Online and Hybrid Internal events

PIRATEx Production of online and hybrid internal eventsBring your employees together, even in a remote setting, with online and hybrid internal events. 

There are countless occasions for companies to bring their employees together for internal events – from annual general meetings or staff meetings, product or service presentations, innovation workshops and training measures to motivating team events. 

The possibilities for organising these in a digital framework are numerous. But rather than handle these in-house, why not turn to the experts? PIRATEx has worked with some of the country’s biggest brands and international organizations to handle all of the organizational and technical support. We support companies in creating an event concept and, together with you, create positive experiences for your employees that are distributed throughout Germany or even worldwide. 

We’ll handle the details, so you can concentrate on the event. 

4 REASONS TO GO ONLINE with your internal events

1. Set an example for your company and use the digital event possibilities to organise an environmentally friendly event for your employees.

2. No matter if your employees are scattered all over the world, you can gather digitally without having to travel.

3. Save costs and time, both in preparation and execution, without sacrificing the quality or interactivity of the overall event experience.

4. PIRATEx can help facilitate the technical tools, so you can collaborate and work together using new technologies and the latest software.

THE PRODUCTION PROCESS of your internal event

Online or hybrid: we bring your corporate diversity to life digitally and support you from the initial consultation to your own event or series of gatherings for your employees. 


It doesn’t matter whether you already have a ready-made concept or would like to set up an event from scratch. We are at your side and advise you on how we can create a personal and authentic online event for your employees and the corresponding occasion. 


In the next phase, we work together to create a concrete concept that includes a detailed project plan and schedule. At this stage, all components of your event, its agenda and formats, are defined and regularly optimised with regard to the given budget. We can even work to determine a regular event series.

At this phase, you will be introduced to your project manager who will be your key contact throughout the process. Milestones will be clearly communicated, so you know what to expect in the run up to the fair, and when certain objectives will be completed. 


On the production days, you can rest assured that your event is in good hands. Our focus is on ensuring that your event runs as smoothly as possible. We will optimize the organization and technical aspects in advance, so there are no surprises, and you know exactly what to expect. Before and during the production, we will be by your side to manage the digital event platform, and help your company’s employees connect together, without technical frustration. 

Post Event

After the event, you can expect a clear wrap up to ensure your event exceeded your expectations. If desired, we’ll manage your event content so you can reuse it elsewhere. 

Internal Events

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