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Hybrid and Virtual Corporate Events and Open Houses

blankGo to your customers wherever they are. Without waiting. 

For many companies, personal contact with their customers and potential new customers is an essential part of their communication and sales strategy. No longer do you have to wait to reach them in person. Smart brands are going directly to their target audiences, to share their new products, solutions and developments. Virtual corporate events can help cultivate valuable contacts with potential new customers, and relationships with existing stakeholders can be established and maintained.  

Together we open your doors, online or hybrid, and ensure a unique experience for your customers. 

3 REASONS TO GO ONLINE with your corporate event

1. Adding digital events to your portfolio significantly increases your online visibility. Whether in combination with an existing format or as a new marketing and sales channel, the world of online events offers you countless opportunities to bring new products and developments closer to your target customers. This way, your customers can stay up to date and interact with you at the same time. 

2. Participants do not have to travel to take part in a digital event. This saves time and money and at the same time enables worldwide participation. This makes many events even more attractive for first-class speakers and for spectators.

3. The high accessibility of virtual corporate events ensures an equally high scalability. A theoretically infinite number of participants can be addressed without increasing production costs. Beyond participant reach, you are able to scale your event considerably to include more speakers and more days of content.


Online or hybrid: we bring your corporate diversity to life digitally and support you from the initial consultation to your very own individual online customer event. 


Regardless of whether you have already established an event format or simply want to go direct to your audiences with a digital event, PIRATEx is by your side. Our live communication and online event experts can support you from the very beginning and advise you on the choice of the right platform and messaging options, the integration of content and the creation of an overall experience that will be remembered by all participants. 


In the next phase, we work together to create a concrete event concept that includes a detailed project plan and schedule. At this stage, all components of your event, its agenda and formats, are defined and regularly optimised with regard to the given budget. 

We can work with you to design the storyboard and communication strategy of your project, if desired. 

In the conceptualization stage, we select the software and elements that will work best to create the look and feel you wish to achieve, from the right event platform, to exhibitor areas, sponsor locations, and targeted matchmaking.

At this phase, you will be introduced to your project manager who will be your key contact throughout the process. Milestones will be clearly communicated, so you know what to expect in the run up to the fair, and when certain objectives will be completed. 


On the production days, you can rest assured that your event is in good hands. Our focus is on ensuring that your event runs as smoothly as possible. We will optimize the organization and technical aspects in advance, so there are no surprises, and you know exactly what to expect. Before and during the production, we will be by your side to manage the digital event platform, and help visitors experience your event to the fullest.

Post Event

After the event, you can expect a clear wrap up to ensure your event exceeded your expectations. If desired, we’ll manage your event content so you can reuse it elsewhere. PIRATEx also supports our clients in evaluating the results and data in order to derive maximum benefit from your online event.

Corporate Events

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