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The ultimate Eventtech tools directory

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Currently counting 462 eventtech tools!

Eventtech Directory

The PIRATEx Eventtech Tools Directory is a crowdsourced list of tools, technologies and software for event organizers to assist in all aspects of producing virtual and hybrid events. Read on to discover some of the latest software to make your event really shine!

Online event production from idea to reality

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We’ve gathered together the tools in this Eventtech Directory to help you facilitate every aspect of your event — whether that is online, on-location or hybrid. You will find solutions to help you design, organize, market, manage, stream and produce your event from idea to reality.

We’ve given each of them a spin as well– so if you’re interested in our feedback on any of them, do get in touch!

Multiple Solutions

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As you can see here, event organizers have lots of choice when it comes to the software they use. We’ve tried to make this easier by bringing these tools together in one place. Our team has organized the listings according to the functionality of each technology. But given the rapid development of technology, some of these tools may have more capabilities than classified here.

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Categories of our Eventtech directory

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All in One Platforms:

Encompassing platforms that endeavor to build, produce and stream your event from one software tool.

3D Virtual Environments:

Immersive event experiences using avatars to explore virtual worlds created for your event experience.

Video Conferencing:

Video conference tools to bring speakers and audiences together.

Event Management:

Comprehensive solutions to plan, organize and manage your event experience.

Event Marketing:

Tools to help you reach your audience and prospective participants.

Collaborative Virtual Whiteboards:

Collaborative tools to allow your attendees to work together.

Collaborative Virtual Offices and Communities:

Collaborative spaces that bring attendees together to work and create together.

Collaborative 3D Virtual Environments:

Immersive spaces for attendees to explore and connect with one another.

Streaming Platforms:

Software that hosts and broadcasts livestream video.

Streaming Software:

Technology that facilitates live video capture, to then be streamed.

Engagement Tools:

Technologies that assist event organizers in activating attendees and participants through creative interaction.

Ticketing Software:

Platforms specialized in ticket issuing, payment processing and registration.

Networking and Matchmaking:

Tools to bring audiences and attendees together, either spontaneously or using AI-enabled technologies

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This crowdsourced list is continually being updated thanks to insights and suggestions from the community. If there’s a mistake, or something we’ve missed, please let us know! We appreciate support from the community to keep this resource updated. If you want to add your tool to the list, let’s get in touch.