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Magnify the impact of your product launch, internal meeting or trade show and transition seamlessly to providing additional value 365 days a year by bringing your show to Event TV.

Extend your reach to new audiences and grow your connection with your participants with creative digital products that allow your exhibition to transcend its calendar dates.

A complementary event concept for your digital audience

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The enthusiastic return to physical events has demonstrated the value and impact they have for their participants, exhibitors and sponsors.

Organizers have long understood the unique values that their shows offer their participants. But why limit that impact to only those who can participate in person? Why not magnify this impact and transport it to new audiences?

For many organizers focused on the in-person experience, it’s difficult to translate and produce a unique experience for an online audience. But without a digital component, events struggle to expand their impact beyond the walls of their venue and show dates.

Organizers understand that sponsors, exhibitors, vendors and participants eagerly await the dates of the show. But if you’re providing exceptional value during those dates, why not continue to offer your important stakeholders year round?

Creating on demand and live digital options for your participants to take part and magnify their impact through their association with your show is an opportunity for exhibitions to provide even more value and build stronger relationships. By offering additional exposure to your stakeholders, you make your event even more valuable to them.

A digital extension for every type of event

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Trade show and exhibition organizers understand their event like no one else. When it’s showtime, the organizing team is fully committed to the show’s on-site production.

Producing a digital complement to the on-site production requires a different approach and concept design. This is not always feasible for organizers committed to their physical event. That’s where PIRATEx can help.

Event TV is a stand alone digital product created specifically for your audience. It can be broadcast during the event, on-site, or at a later date that you prefer. We work together with you to create a unique experience to transport your event to those that are unable to make it in person. This concept is designed for maximum impact for the at home experience. Event TV also offers the chance for exhibitions to provide more extensive digital packages for their sponsors and exhibitors, leading to greater reach and digital impact.

Thinking outside the digital box:
Event TV is no digital show platform

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We’ll admit. Digital events have had mixed success. Tradeshows and exhibitions worked hard to transition to digital solutions during the pandemic. But don’t mistake it, Event TV is not a digital substitution for the show. It is an addition to your live event, produced by digital event pioneers, to bring the live event experience to those unable to join, or who wish to participate remotely.

Trade shows and exhibitions must adapt to a growing on-demand appetite of their stakeholders and consumers. Large scale events designed for in-person attendance rarely translate well to a digital concept. However, live and on-demand video content is a perfect communication medium to show the impact of a trade show or exhibition, broadening their reach, and providing a unique insider view of the activities. These special insights allow shows to create a sense of anticipation in advance of the show date, as well as to activate their community at regular touchpoints during the year. At the show, it allows fairs to provide even more value to their exhibitors and visitors, creating even more visibility of their fair participation.

Building a strong digital narrative, through video is something your exhibitors and sponsors will understand in today’s digital environment. By providing an additional platform for them, you can enhance their existing communication efforts and amplify them.

How to bring Event TV to your trade show or live event

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We can tailor our service to your use case, and work with you to create a bespoke solution that works for you. No event is the same, each has an important story to tell. Let us help you magnify your impact!

Live Studio Production

We fully curate a TV program of your trade show with interviews and special segments for a digital viewer that can run during the show from its own studio onsite. We can handle the concept design, content pieces and speaker management so you can get on with the show.

Live on Location

Livestream of trade show experience for the at home audience, with glimpses of exhibition floor with interviews of booth participants. Roving reporters give an insight to those viewing at home, producing digital spots that come together in a completely unique, insider perspective of your event.

Live or Pre-record

Offer your exhibitors the chance for a recorded video interview of their products, services, and offerings they have brought to the trade show. We do the interviews on the day and make them available to the participants/trade show organizer to share later.

A la Carte

Record impressions at your event in a variety of formats to be shared and used for marketing purposes after the show on demand by the organizer. These can be combined to develop a tailored community outreach strategy, transitioning your event to a 365-community model.

Planning an Event TV project

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step 1

step 1

Initial call Brainstorming and idea generation

step 2

step 2

Plan formal consultation to understand your event’s needs and goals

step 3

step 3

PIRATEx designs an Event TV concept to fit your goals

step 4

step 4

Pitch concept and tailor to preferences

step 5

step 5

Once approved, pre-production content development and prep.

step 6

step 6


step 7

step 7

After event follow-up
and content distribution

Trust PIRATEx to take your event to new heights

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An experienced agency partner can work alongside the trade fair and event organizing team to create a digital extension of the show that is sympathetic and complementary to the live production.

As digital live communication specialists and event organizers ourselves, you can trust PIRATEx to bring this digital extension to life. We have extensive experience in event conception, design and creation, as well as experience in digital curation and production. We understand the rigors of producing events on location and digitally, and will work with you to identify the best way to highlight the strengths and capabilities of your event to reach new audiences. As experienced community builders, we are also uniquely positioned to place the digital extension of your event at the heart of a 365- or year round community strategy, allowing you to provide value to your stakeholders far beyond the show dates.

Let’s talk about your next project

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Do you need support producing your next event? Or would simply like to discuss an idea with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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