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Design your event with the PIRATEx event concept team

Event Concept Workshop

Whether you plan an event, start to build a community or communicate something to your clients – sometimes a vision is there but the path to implementation is not yet clear. 

That’s why we have developed the event concept workshop, a format that can be booked individually, to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. 

Working together to help you reach your goals.

Here is how it works: 

  • You brief us in a short preliminary conversation about the current situation and your goal.
  • We create an agenda and coordinate it with you. 
  • We develop ideas together in a (digital) 2-3h workshop and log them.
  • We summarize the ideas for you in a “vision paper”. This gives you an excellent basis for implementation and if you like, we stay directly in the boat and realize the project together. 


We’re looking forward to starting with you. 

The price for this workshop is 1.150,- Euro plus VAT.

Example of your event concept design agenda:

Here is what your vision paper could look like:

1. Introduction

  • Introduction PIRATEx / Partner
  • Intro to digital & hybrid event concepts

2. Concept of the event

  • Identify your target group & vision
  • Develop expectations and KPIs
  • Identifying your target group and designing attendee personas

3. Structure of the event

  • Choosing your formats & implementing your digital presence
  • Off-topic elements, supporting program

4. Technical production & implementation

  • live vs. pre-recorded content
  • digital vs. hybrid, options for studio production
  • Choice of platform
Event Concept Workshop

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Event Concept Workshop

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