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Your company’s own Digital Showcase

Setting the stage for your company’s product presentations, keynotes, panel discussions, demonstrations and more!

Has an important industry trade show been postponed? Or is the pandemic keeping you from hosting your regular product presentations for suppliers and buyers? 

Don’t keep your customers waiting. Stay connected to your audience and keep communicating.  

With your own digital showcase, we can help you create the right platform for the presentation of your brand, without signing up for a third-party software, where you have ownership over your visitors’ data.

The spectrum of your possibilities ranges from the presentation of new products and product features to expert talks and in-depth content discussions for your specialist target groups. Make online events an essential part of your brand communication.

 As an agency for online and hybrid events, we can develop streaming studio setups for use cases and budgets of different sizes. We advise clients from various industries on how to get the most from their digital studio, providing practical support on implementation, equipment and operation – until your team can use your studio independently.

What we offer:

Design and create a digital showcase page with your brand’s look and feel

Integration of livestream, chat function, agenda, product section and direct contact to your sales or consulting team

Handling of registration and login processes for participants (optional)

Production of the livestream incl. technical direction and support of all participants: live and decentralized or broadcasted from a professional studio (optional)

Post-processing and publication of the recorded content for further use in your marketing activities (optional)

starting from 2.900,- Euro plus VAT.

Digital Showcase

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Digital Showcase

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