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Exhibiting With Excellence

Learn how to stand out at Virtual and Hybrid Trade Shows and exhibitions

Introducing your guide to best practices for virtual trade show exhibitors

You’ve just received the news: the in-person trade show you’re scheduled to participate in is going virtual, yet again. Or, the fair is moving forward in a hybrid format, with both a virtual and a physical component. For many exhibitors and brands, the experience with moving trade shows online has not been the best. You might be secretly hoping that online trade fairs would be left behind as things return to physical. But increasingly for many events, digital is here to stay– even when the physical returns. Now it’s time to begin to get strategic when it comes to your digital event strategy. With the right preparation and care, you can ensure an effective online fair experience that builds positive relationships and converts new leads.

Exhibiting With Excellence Guidebook for trade show exhibitors

In this free guide, you’ll learn how to:

Gain confidence with using digital exhibition software

Prepare your team to present a message that is consistent and stands out

Why or why not to pre-record content for your virtual booth

How virtual booths can support your in-person appearances at hybrid exhibitions

What you need to know about how to network and engage with visitors at your online booth

What comes when: what you need to do before and during the event to make the biggest impact

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The COVID-19 shift to virtual and online trade fairs and exhibitions required all exhibitors to change direction.

Gone are the days that an impressive trade fair or exhibition experience required setting up a physical booth, showing up and shaking hands. Now, in a virtual exhibition, the opportunities to stand out have shifted. It requires a rethink of how we can present ourselves, how we create content that converts and what we can do to build an effective appearance at the show.

You can’t simply recreate the experience of a physical booth in an online format. So what’s the best way to get your message across? How can brands stand out from the crowd?

After producing over 130+ online events since 2020, we can show you how to prepare yourself to exhibit with excellence.

Chapter Overview

Here is what you’ll find in this guide for trade show exhibitors:

  1. Preparation is key: what to know before the exhibition
  2. Developing a plan to achieve your event’s needs and goals
  3. Selecting the right package
  4. Preparing your content and brand identity
  5. Hybrid events: merging the physical and digital elements
  6. Selecting the right media
  7. Personnel Management during the show
  8. Technical checks
  9. Digital networking & making the first move