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Your Event Resources Hub

Looking to build an event and not sure where to start? Or are you looking to elevate your skills and bring a better experience for your participants?
Well, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the PIRATEx event resources hub!

What is the hub?

The PIRATEx Event Resources Hub is a free library that brings together some of the most useful resources and content we’ve found when it comes to building incredible experiences. As event professionals ourselves, we know how important it is to continually build your skills when it comes to creating memorable events. 

The Event Resources Hub includes articles and content from voices across the industry, aiming to present a wide range of perspectives, viewpoints and case studies. We select pieces that we’ve found particularly useful and that we think present valuable takeaways for other event professionals. We’ve credited the original author and publication in each listing. 

How to use the hub?

The event resource hub is categorized by event type — virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Simply select the type of event you’re looking to create, and then from there you can browse and explore some of the latest content, from event marketing, community building, engagement, sustainability and more. We’ve organized and collected some of our favorite resources to help you quickly find content on the topics you’re looking for.

If you’re starting at the beginning and not sure what type of event you’ll create, simply scroll down to the category directory, where you can search each category theme directly. If you’re new to event planning, check out “event basics”. If you’re looking for great ideas on how to design your latest event, check out “event design”.

Types of events

Online and in-person? For many organizers, hybrid events present the opportunity to give your participants the best of both worlds. However, bridging the gap between the two experiences is not always straightforward! Hybrid events present a number of challenges and opportunities for the event organizer, when it comes to design, formats and technology uses. In this section of the event resource hub, you’ll find plenty of case studies and guides to help you navigate the landscape between physical and digital. The continually updated list aims to bring together some of the most comprehensive and useful materials to help you plan your hybrid event like a pro. Explore the subcategories below to target on different elements of the hybrid event experience tailored for this specific event type.
Bringing people together is the heart of an event. While digital options for events have become more commonplace, for some formats, the most effective way to really deliver is to come together in person. In this "in-person"section of the events resource hub, we’ve brought together some of the best content we’ve found on delivering exciting and unique experiences in person. The continually updated library highlights the unique possibilities of face-to-face events, exploring everything from location selection, food and catering, as well as event design and sustainability. Search the subcategories below to explore deeper when it comes to building exciting in-person events!
Planning to host your event remotely? Online, virtual, remote events, no matter what you call them, events held exclusively in a digital format bring a wealth of benefits. Unburdened by borders, expensive venues, or the need to travel outside of your own home, your event is open to anyone with an internet connection. The variety of options available when it comes to virtual events allows event organizers to really express their creativity when it comes to developing unforgettable experiences. But the amount of options can be overwhelming, as well as challenging when it comes to building an effective design. Here, we’ve brought together some of our favorite resources when it comes to creating amazing virtual events. You’ll find references and support for many different event formats, allowing you to begin building your event most effectively. Check out the subcategories to further explore content specifically written for this event type.

Keeping up to date

The event industry has been changing fast, since the global pandemic shifted many activities online. Not sure how to incorporate the latest digital tools in your events? Even if you’ve been an event professional for a long time, there is always something to learn. As the industry continues to change, incorporating more and more digital technologies, there’s so much we can gain from learning from one another.

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Event Resources Hub
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Browse by Categories

Inclusive events are not built by accident, but by design. And there’s more to making an event accessible than lowering the ticketing price for the target group. But where to start? In this "accessibility and inclusion" category, we’ve brought together some of the best content we’ve found that unpacks the ingredients of inclusive events. The articles here explore changes you can make to your event’s design when it comes to including marginalized groups, technology hurdles, and accommodating different use cases.
How do you mark the difference between a good event, and a great one? You measure it! Taking accurate measurements and tracking key performance indicators is an important part of developing an event that provides value to all stakeholders. Don’t let it be an afterthought. When it comes to measurement, there’s a lot more to a successful event than selling all of your exhibitor booths. It requires identifying key values for all parties involved. The analytics and measurement section of the event resource hub includes a wealth of resources to help you begin to identify key measures and how to track them for your event. You’ll find resources on how to begin identifying indicators to track, different ways to measure your event -- online and offline, and how to interpret your results.
For many events, cultivating a thriving and active community is one of the best ways you can create lasting value for your target group. However, there's much more to community building than creating an email list and a venue to connect people. Here, we've brought together pieces that explore how you can create the foundation for thriving community action. What are the incentives and strategies? What pitfalls to avoid? And importantly, how can you track the impact of your community and encourage sustainability?  Community building is a gamechanger when it comes to turning singular events into creating value and impact all year long. Every event organizer can learn from these tips and suggestions to bring their events to the next level.
How to keep your participants engaged and active during your event? With more and more events on the calendar and programs packed with more content than ever before, event professionals are continually looking for new ways to keep participants engaged with their events. This "Engagement" section brings together some of the best and most useful tips and case studies for event organizers to incorporate into their events. No longer will your participants be looking for the nearest dining area or glazing over another livestream!
Looking to host an event for the first time? Or looking to refresh your skills to apply to a new concept? Event Basics is a great place to start. In this section, you’ll find plenty of resources designed to help you build your event foundation from the ground up. The selections included here are some of the best we’ve found to help provide an overview of the key ingredients you need to get started with your next event.
Looking for a fresh new concept for your event? Or are you looking to start a new event from scratch? The event design category of the event resources hub has you covered, with a library of resources focused on introducing you to the latest trends in event design. Here, you’ll find a number of how-to guides for building effective events that deliver on your KPIs and for your participants.
The event industry is one that is never standing still. Don’t get left behind! In the Future of Events section of the event resources hub, we’ve brought together a number of pieces that explore what the future of events might look like, and what you can do to prepare-- and shape that future. Drawing on articles from some of the industry’s leading voices, here’s your chance to see how the future of the event industry might take shape.
Looking for ways to help your event stand out? As events have moved online, the landscape of opportunities for marketing your event has continued to evolve. In the event marketing section of the event resource hub, you’ll find all the latest content on how to market, brand and publicize your event effectively. Here, we’ve collected some of the most innovative pieces on how the marketing landscape of events has continued to change, and what you need to do to stand out.
Networking is one of the most often cited rationales that encourages attendees to sign up for an event. However, there’s much more to creating an effective networking experience than just putting all of your participants together on an online platform, or letting them loose in a convention hall. For the best results, it’s time to get creative! In this section, we share some of the best pieces we’ve found on how to activate your participants to connect with one another, and how to design an event that maximizes matchmaking. Creating a great environment for people to come together is one of the most important goals of any event.</p
Sponsors and exhibitors are one of the most important components of a successful event. Importantly, your sponsors and exhibitors should be key partners in your event, rather than an effort to maximize your return. This section brings together some great articles on how you can incorporate your partners to help build an event experience that is a net positive for them, your participants and you as an organizer.
Events can bring a considerable environmental impact. The impact of in-person, live events is significant, however hybrid and virtual events also have a carbon cost. This "Sustainability" section brings together some great articles on ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint at your next event. Every event organizer has a responsibility to make a lighter impact.
Technology has fundamentally changed the event experience. The absolute growth in new solutions for event organizers provides more and more opportunities for creativity than ever before! From in person events, with digital screens and interactive interfaces, to entirely digital solutions in VR, the spectrum of solutions is extraordinary. In this section of the event resources hub, we’ve brought together some of the most compelling examples, how-to’s and case studies from event professionals that have used technology to craft extraordinary experiences for their participants. You’ll find plenty of guides to help you unpack the dizzying array of solutions out there, so you can help choose the right tech for your use case.

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