Remote Events Made Easy!

Version 1.3 now available!

Learn how to set up remote events step by step.

9 chapters packed with everything you need to know in order to get started running and monetizing our own online events.

case studies, practical tips and tricks from event professionals who’ve moved their in-person events to an virtual format

helpful illustrations of various event types, tools, platforms and more!

Remote Events Guidebook on how to run your own remote event

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In 2020, everything changed. The pandemic forced event organizers from across the world to think creatively about how they could bring together their audiences, remotely. PIRATEx was no exception. As the pandemic began to take hold in Germany, we saw our year of planned events and our clients evaporating. But tech was on our side.

PIRATEx has its roots in the startup ecosystem. We were accustomed to bringing the latest digital technologies to our own events, in order to bring our attendees the best experience. So we knew that it was possible to combine our event organizing expertise to transition our existing events to a remote format. As the pandemic took hold, we dug into the newest software and hardware solutions to produce our events remotely. And then we got to work, producing our own events in a virtual setting. 

Those first virtual events in April and May 2020 were quite experimental. We approached them with a startup mindset, with the ambition of learning as much as we could and hoping that we could produce a great experience for our attendees who were brave enough to come along for the journey. 

Not everything was perfect. But we were pleasantly surprised at what an incredible experience we could create in a completely virtual setting. 

It is from those initial lessons learned that we combined our knowledge to create the guidebook that we wished we had when we first got started. As we continued to produce more and more virtual events, we found that there were certain touchstones that helped make each event a success. The Remote Events Guidebook brings all of those key elements together. 

In this free guide, we share all of the details to help you plan, organize and execute your first virtual events. You’ll find an overview of everything you need to know to get started creating successful digital events on your own, and to provide the foundation to developing your own virtual events that audiences will love.

Chapter Overview

9 chapters that will guide you through every step of the process on how to set up your very own remote event. 

  1. Define your objectives & KPIs
  2. Know your target group
  3. Define the right remote event 
  4. Choose the technical setup
  5. Shape your content
  6. Monetize your event 
  7. Promote your event
  8. Boost the engagement 
  9. Build a community